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Ultimate Body Polish 300g

Ultimate Body Polish 300g


This body polish is a version of the amazing hand scrub that started this business, its still just as nourishing, smoothing and healing but just wait till you smell it, its good enough to eat! It has the addition of Gotu Kola an amazing ingredient which has been found to help tone and tighten the skin. 

It's designed to be used over your entire body 2 times per week. This body polish is a cross between a wet and dry polish, take a good handful of the body polish out of the bag and mix it in a bowl with some water or more coconut oil until you have a thick paste. Work this over your entire body, don't forget your feet, elbows, knees and back of the neck. Whatever you mix use up that day. Some people use it on their face, I don't recommend this as I much prefer something finer and more gentle on delicate skin. After rinsing it's important to pat the skin dry not rub it. Then feel your skin, amazingly smooth and soft.

A weekly body polish is so important not only to make the body feel beautiful and remove the millions of dead skin cells we shed every week but is also wonderful act of self care. A body polish this good once or twice a week makes a great addition to anyone's skincare regime. 

A must for all skin types.   

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, Ground  Oats*, Sugar*, Macadamia Oil*, Gotu Kola*, Vanilla Powder, Cocoa Butter *, Coconut Oil*,  Natural Tocopherol*.