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Guasha is a traditional Chinese medical treatment, Gua means to scrape and Sha is the redness that is produced or sort after when Guasha is performed. It translates to "to rub out sha" It has been used for hundreds of years throughout Asia. Not only is it a fantastic technique used all over the body to help with blood flow, stress relief, tight aching muscles and so many more but it AMAZING for the face, neck and chest!

 Used 2-3 times a week you may notice plumper, fuller, brighter, improved complexion, tone and circulation. Always use with an oil like the Divine Cleansing Oil, on clean skin give yourself a gentle face massage first to prep your muscles and skin, then rub the Guasha in firm (but not too firm) strokes typically in an outward motion but not always. Your skin will become red and this normal and in fact the desired outcome, you are bringing blood to the surface while releasing stress and toxins.

 Forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, chin, jaw, lips, neck and chest, don't be shy but don't cause yourself harm, please watch this youtube video for a demonstration, I prefer to recommend vegan options like crystals not horn and also am not really a fan of grape seed oil but she does give a very informative step by step instructions. I also am not a fan of using objects that are too thin like spoons, coins or cards. If you would like to read more about the beautiful traditional uses and story of Guasha you can do that here.

 I can't speak highly enough of these amazing tools, face massage is so important for our skin and collagen, it's like a workout or a Pilates class for your skin.

Carnelian is beautiful stone for self esteem, happiness and individuality, it's calming and wonderful for blood flow. I had to include it in the Guasha range! Try using it a few times a week around the time of you period to help clear out negative energy and replace it with love and self acceptance, if you're using it for this purpose always try to cleanse your carnelian guashas energy around the time of the full moon so it's fresh and ready for next month.