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How's your deodorant doing?

Hi guys I get asked about deodorant on the daily, so I thought it best if I put this down in a blog.... How are your pits? How is your deodorant situation doing? If you think you may need to do a pit detox then please read the blog i wrote on it.  Ok so lets talk about sweat and the different types of deodorant and antiperspirants there are out there. You've heard it before but I'll just say it again, sweating is normal and necessary, when we sweat we release toxins. Sweat itself doesn't actually smell, its the bacteria under our arms that eats the sweat that causes the body odour. There two types of sweat glands Eccrine, found allover...

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Help! What is a pit detox and do I even need one?

Why am I reacting to a natural deodorant and what is a pit detox?? Sometimes people can react to the sodium bicarbonate in these types of deodorants and it's  because the ph level is very different to that of our skin. Sodium Bicarbonate aka bicarb or baking soda sits at about 8 and our skin is 5.5...Very different, it's no wonder that some people can react to it. What is typical in a reaction? Well it can differ from person to person but most likely you will get red armpits, hot, sore, maybe itchy and this may peel as well, this may take 2 weeks to happen or it may happen instantly. I know it doesn't sound pleasant. However just...

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Erica Brooke Skincare

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily Review "So I'm the type of person who hates to sweat and generally wears the strongest deodorant I can find, but on the scale of beauty things that are bad for you this pretty much tope the list because the human body was meant to sweat and you're averting your natural bodily functions. This lightly scented natural deodorant feels weird on first application ( I mean it's a cream from a jar) but it quickly sinks in and stops your sweat from smelling all day long. Consider me converted." Deodorant Crème Neroli & Vanilla 65g -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  My Holistic Life Review "The first is Erica Brooke’s  Serum cleansing oil, which I’m now a BIG fan! This serum...

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